Valley Processing

The Yakima Valley is known as the number one region in the United States to grow apples and juice grapes. Combine that with being one of the top producers of cherries and numerous other berries, and the Yakima Valley is truly the fruit capital of the world. Conveniently located in its heart, is Valley Processing. 

Family owned and operated for over three decades, Valley Processing has grown from serving a few neighboring farmers, to becoming one of the largest, privately held, wholesale juice manufacturing plants in the nation. With a modest beginning, we have expanded our product line to include dozens of fruits processed in a state-of-the-art facility.

We have never lost sight of serving our clients the highest quality products, and we pride ourselves on the best customer service in the industry. The world’s largest juice bottlers and jam and jelly manufacturers choose Valley Processing for that very reason. They know they can count on us to be more reliable and competitive than any other supplier because of our close relationships with the growers and farmers throughout the Valley.  

To ensure our delivery of the finest product to you, we communicate with our growers on a very regular basis. Their expert knowledge in the growing degree days (GDD), gives us an opportunity to know the quantity of fruit available and other key factors such as approximate sugar content, or Brix value, weeks before it arrives at our plant.

Thanks to our ideal location in Sunnyside, in the heart of the Yakima Valley, crops that are sought after across the globe do not have to travel far to reach us. Some say the Yakima Valley is the best place on earth to grow fruit due to our rich volcanic soil, plentiful water from snow-fed mountain streams, an ideal warm climate and a long growing season.

Whether you are looking for juice, jam or jelly ingredients, needing a processor for your fruit, or cold storage, Valley Processing is the perfect partner for you. Our commitment to integrity and personal service is reflected in every transaction and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you’ve recently enjoyed a great juice beverage, fruit smoothie, fruit or yogurt snack, or put jelly on your sandwich, chances are you’ve already enjoyed one of our fine products.

We look forward to formally welcoming you to the Valley family!